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A guide to using your PE Premium with First Step PE

Wondering how to fulfil your PE targets with your Pupil Premium for next year?

Need high-quality PE lessons but unsure of where to look?

First Step PE’s mix and match service or full planning service should be your first stop for all your school’s needs.

For schools, organising how you’ll spend your Pupil Premium can be a minefield. Suddenly, you’re heading towards the end of the year with plenty of targets but no specific idea of how you’re going to reach them. What you need are concrete examples that will help you reach all your targets, painlessly.

Every year your pupils’ needs change and evolve. Whether it’s the political environment or changes in health, you need a partner who can understand and adapt. For your PE and academic requirements, First Step PE understands how to reach your goals that serve your school’s capacity.

This guide has been developed with the express purpose of helping you make sense of your Pupil Premium targets, so you can get back to the business of making your school the best it can be!

Read on to see how you can use your Pupil Premium…


1. Engaging all pupils in regular physical activity

The pupil premium mandates full engagement across your school for every pupil. But what does that mean in real terms? The parameters demand a broad range of activities, from engaging the unengaged to offering sports clubs and active play during break times and lunch times.

As a trained PE and physical education provider, we can work with you to use your break and lunch times with games and activities dedicated to keeping them active. Our extra-curricular programmes encourage active play or introduce children to regularly timetabled after-school sports. Offering football, netball and a range of athletics traditions can even make your school an attractive choice for any parent.

Engagement levels for many pupils are likely to waver depending on difficulty or confidence. Our expert coaches can lead games and activities that ask pupils to test their matching skills, help them follow basic instructions, and explore new activities.


2. Raising the profile of PE across the school for whole-school improvement

How would ‘raising the profile of PE and sport’ work for your school? Engaging children in sport is not just about the sport and PE they do, but how you use current or popular events. You need a provider that doesn’t just give you activities but helps you connect those activities with their academic and general learning.

Part of raising the profile of PE is about changing the impression of when pupils can be physically active. There’s no need to confine physical activity to the classroom or a PE lesson with our Learn to Ride and Pre-Pedal enrichment. Use the classes to teach the skill and then work towards encouraging your community to use active travel to and from your school.

Secondly, you can opt for our targeted leadership add-ons. These can help you solidify those lessons our coaches give in PE or extracurricular classes. The Playmaker Award or a Sports Day, for example, will provide your pupils with accredited volunteer activity. Activities can include, leading younger students, conflict resolution, and managing equipment in a responsible, safe way.


2. CPD support for increased confidence, knowledge, and skills for all staff

It isn’t really surprising that many teachers find it difficult to teach PE. Often the average teaching qualification contains no more than 4 hours of instruction, which is barely enough to understand the targets!

We’ve developed an array of lesson plans, workshops, and instruction that give teachers a practical understanding of physical skills. Choosing CPD as your focus gives you a robust range of activities for your pupils and your staff. Your staff will enjoy appropriate resources and active coaching to get them comfortable with using physical activity in and out of the classroom.

Work with us in Athletics or Outdoor Adventurous Activity (OAA) and we’ll use this platform to expand the skills of your staff. Whilst they practice map reading, we have resources that encourage pupils to engage with their natural environment and respond to simple instructions.

Our CPD focus is on learning through practical experience. Offering children opportunities to use their academic skills, using angles to understand maps, simple instructions to lead other students, and using their bodies to practice different types of travel such as jumping and hopping. These are the lessons that give your teachers the skill they need to teach new sports and games effectively in class!


3. Broader experience of a range of sports and physical activities offered to all pupils

The phrase ‘broader experience of a range of sports’ doesn’t provide a concrete impression of what sports it refers to. With this in mind, your own resources would be spread far too thinly trying to find an organisation that could handle anything from rock climbing to football!

That’s where First Step PE comes in. Our extra-curricular activities include an array of sports, activities, and dance. We design sessions to suit all your needs, helping your pupils explore new activities in any chosen time period. The opportunity to engage in different sports is a pathway to finding something they enjoy and can excel in. Additionally, it’s a great springboard for organising teams and encouraging inter and intra-school competitiveness in a safe positive environment.


4. Increasing school participation in competitive sport

Competitive sport and learning healthy competition is a vital part of the school sport experience. The government provides an example of a competitive event, School Games, a UK national tradition that brings children from more than 18,000 schools together for inter, and intra-school competitions.

We offer a range of add-ons such as Sports Days, Quidditch, and Celebration Events for Year 6 and the whole school based around being active. Children get a chance to take part in anything from the crowd favourite, Egg & Spoon Race, to full-scale Quidditch tournaments based on the magical game in Harry Potter.

The aim is to provide a healthy platform for competition, where our coaches guide pupils through constructive criticism and zero in on behaviours that might put other students off being physically active.


How can I book?

Our Schools 2022/23 Partner offers a specialist PE manager who will sit with you through all the areas. Your PE manager will talk you through your goals and advise you on the best options on that basis. Choose a focus, add-on, extracurricular provision, and the times of day that fit those requirements. Once finished, just sit back and relax, your provision is set for the year!


Don’t need so many options?

Use our Mix & Match service and choose anything from Enrichment to Extracurriculars to provide a service built for your school.

Let us take over your planning. Take the pressure and pain out of planning. Take your first step to a stress-free PE provision with First Step PE.

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