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CPD session support

Get to grips with PE with our CPD session support

We are not just passionate about PE. We are passionate about making PE better. Since the average teacher might get …

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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day – How LivWell can help your school improve its wellbeing support

On the 10th of October, stakeholders across the world got the opportunity to provide direction for mental health support under …

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Our top tips for adapting PE lessons to seasonal weather changes

Now we’re entering October and those crisp and often damp mornings have returned, it’s time to start retrofitting PE lessons …

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Festive enrichment

Book our festive enrichment mornings for pupil wellbeing

We’re getting ready for the festive season (yes we know, but we love Christmas at First Step PE), so we …

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What can LivWell Health do for your school?

With the last 18 months bringing so much inconsistency to school children, we are here to provide a contemporary look …

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Maths on the Move

Need help hitting your school targets? Learn, Move, & Multiply with Maths on the Move

Maths on the Move (MOTM) presents a tried and proven way to improve maths skills for children of all ages. …

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physical activity

A guide to providing a positive first experience of physical activity for children who are starting school

First experiences of any activities can shape how children respond to them throughout their lives. That’s why it’s essential to …

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Quidditch Cup – Introducing our magical new quidditch enrichment!

At First Step PE, we’re always looking to expand our offering for our school partners. Whether you’re new or already …

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Mountbatten Primary School

A great first year of teaching at Mountbatten Primary School rolls onto the next

“We want our staff teaching and delivering PE lessons and we also want the children accessing the enrichment activities and …

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How to make playtimes more fun and encourage active play

Don’t treat playtime as that period between learning their ABC’s and reciting multiplication tables. Playtime is and should be sacred …

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2021/22 PE Offer

First Step PE’s New Offer for 2021/22 is here

Are you wanting some new ideas and ways in which to deliver your PE curriculum? A new academic year is …

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PE provision funding

Still contemplating the PE provision funding?

Have you got PE targets and still no clear path on how to achieve them? Are you struggling for new …

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