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New Age Kurling

New Age Kurling: Embedding accessibility in enrichment with First Step PE

Curling will appear once again in the upcoming Winter Olympics at Beijing which has inspired us to add to our …

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First Step Sports Group is hiring: Apply to start your coaching career with us!

As one of the leading companies in the Yorkshire region in coaching and activities services, we are looking for some …

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4 things people HATE about PE

Experiences of PE tend to split people. For many, the thought of PE brings back some painfully awkward memories and …

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Active Care

Maximise your schools’ revenue and physical after-school activity provision with FSSG

Active Care from First Step Sports Group combines sports and activities within a structured childcare environment. We provide your school …

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Stranger Danger

Clever never goes: How your kids can stay safe when they’re away from home

Let’s be honest. It can be a frightening experience for a parent every time your child steps out the front …

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House of Lords National Plan for Sport and Recreation Committee supports PE as a Core Subject

Last month (December 2021), the House of Lords released its recommendations for the future of PE and school sport. The …

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Active Travel

Making your Active Travel New Years Resolutions

For many, making resolutions is aligned strictly with something we seek individually. It conjures up memories of well-meaning diets and …

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Haxey Primary School

Praise from Haxey Primary School as PE partnership continues to thrive

“We partnered with First Step PE to bring in a wider variety of games for our school pupils and improve …

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Childhood obesity

What is childhood obesity and how can we make a change for children?

Childhood obesity is one of the most significant problems affecting the UK. According to new statistics released by the NHS, …

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School PE kits

Updated guidelines for school PE kits

The Department for Education has updated its guidance for PE kit, asking for schools to apply the same consideration to …

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Carbon footprint

5 ways to reduce your schools’ carbon footprint

Environmental sustainability has been a hot topic since the COP26 in Glasgow this year. The central theme being, that coming …

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Newington Academy

Another great example of excellent PE delivery at Newington Academy

“We have been really pleased with the quality and delivery for both the CPD and enrichment activities. The pupils always …

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