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Driffield CE Infant School

The ever improving Driffield CE Infant School and their mission to succeed in physical education

“The early years of someone’s life form their attitudes in later life and therefore it’s important to highlight the importance …

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Summer of Sport

Summer of Sport is back and better than ever – Book your school day now!

Are you looking to get pupils at your school excited about sport? Can you see connecting this years’ sporting events …

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First Step Active Care

First Step Active Care: A dynamic new offering for your school

At First Step Sports, we pride ourselves on offering the types of versatile support that releases some of the pressure …

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Intra-school competition

Five simple ways to embed intra-school competition

Teaching with or around a competition can be fraught with pitfalls. Taught without the intent to engage and develop, you …

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Maths on the Move

Maths on the Move: Keep your numeracy and PE targets in your sights

Improve your children’s Maths performance in a physically active learning programme. Enhance children’s confidence and attainment in Maths. Increase physical …

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Pick & Mix

‘Pick & Mix’ your perfect School PE plan for 2021/2022

Multiple targets across your school makes flexibility your top concern when planning for next year. First Step PE’s ‘pick & …

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PE Premium

10 PE premium effective spend trends for 2021-22

1. Physical education needs to be collaborative – invest in it Step away from the catch-up narrative and treat physical …

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Key Workers

Looking After the Children of Key Workers During the Coronavirus Lockdown

“First Step were excellent from start to finish. They responded incredibly quickly, and provided us with flexible, convenient, high quality …

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Upskill teachers, deliver outstanding PE and stay COVID-secure

The COVID-19 crisis has had an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives. For children, all at once, they …

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New School Partnerships – Highlights

It gives us great pleasure to announce two of our new partnerships for the 2020-21 academic year. We love to …

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Privileged to support our NHS heroes

Our goal at the very beginning of the Pandemic was to look for ways we could help, and for the …

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Focusing on Partnerships for Positive PE, Post Pandemic

We think it’s fair to assume, none of us were in the position to anticipate and adequately prepare for the …

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