First Step PE’s New Offer for 2021/22 is here

2021/22 PE Offer
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Are you wanting some new ideas and ways in which to deliver your PE curriculum? A new academic year is just days away, so we’re helping schools get off to a great start with a brand new offer!

We’re offering half a school term for free when you book for the full year across PE Delivery, CPD or Enrichment. The offer applies to morning, afternoon, or full day bookings.

We have put together a list of options that gives you a variety of provision and activities to suit the whole school.

Each of our sessions will improve your PE by covering at least one of the following 5 Key indicators that are recommended to secure improvements to PE in your school:


Engagement of pupils in regular physical activity

Improve whole school participation in a wide range of sports and physical activity.













Multi Sports

Multi Skills



Street Dance


Themed Dance

Make playtimes more fun and encourage active play more with our lunchtime games add on option or why not book one of our hassle-free fun Holiday Camps to run at your school during the half term holidays.


Raise the PE and Sport Profile across the School

Our Sports Leader option which is a great way to offer leadership roles to the pupils while supporting the delivery of physical activity within the school and will in turn raise the profile of the schools PE profile.


Increased knowledge, skills, and confidence of all staff in teaching PE and Sport

Perhaps you’d like to increase knowledge, skills and confidence of all staff teaching PE and Sport. Our CPD sessions are catered to each staff’s individual requirements and are offered in a wide range of activities.

Invasion Games

Striking & Fielding


Net Court Wall



Curriculum Dance


Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to encourage more pupils to participate.

Or maybe you’d like to offer a broader experience with our enrichment mornings are offered to encourage more pupils to participate.




Yoga Tots


Go Scoot

Story Based

A Ball

Maths on the Move

Mini Tennis

Tri Golf


Mini Rugby

Mini Ballers

Pop Lacrosse

Rhythmic Gymnastics



Increased participation in competitive sport

Our Events programme allows you to sit back and relax while we plan and deliver your specialised events such as Sports Day.

We also offer: Healthy School Days, Holiday Camps, Talent ID, Whole School Sport Day, Dance Extravaganza Day, Playmaker Award, Academies

If you would like to discuss further and have any questions, schedule your mapping meeting with our PE Manager today.

Get in contact now to plan the future of your physical activity plan, today.