PE provision funding

Still contemplating the PE provision funding?

Have you got PE targets and still no clear path on how to achieve them?

Are you struggling for new and innovative enrichment activities?

The beginning of term is on the horizon and if you’ve not already covered your sports and PE bases, then look no further. First Step PE can provide you with a comprehensive service across a variety of disciplines, expertly taught and developed by our team.

Our Pick’n’Mix PE plan provides you with the ability to choose how children will enjoy, thrive, and develop through physical education. Our models are built around raising the profile of sport and physical activity throughout the school year. Both in and out of curriculum PE, we can help you meet every target!

Choose your focus for the year from increasing participation to enrichment, or should CPD be your focus we are able to accommodate all avenues covering a variety of different sports and activities. Whether you are looking to increase your whole school participation or broaden your range of offerings, our add-ons can expand the use of your break times and facilities providing more structure and progression for the children.

Remember, the Education Secretary announced in June this year that not only was the 320m PE and sport premium confirmed but any of the unspent premium could be rolled over into the next academic year and must be spent by July 2022. With many children having experienced at least 18 months of inactivity, it’s more important than ever to maximise support for schools and children.
If you would like to discuss further and have any questions, schedule your mapping meeting with our PE Manager, and in 5 easy steps, you will have a comprehensive plan for PE and Sport. Just in time for the beginning of the year.

Get in contact now to plan the future of your physical activity plan, today.

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