Tackling inactivity

Tackling inactivity in the UK with First Step PE

An article released by BBC News examines the importance of tackling inactivity among children and adults. ‘How Can the UK’s Inactivity Crisis be Tackled’ details the targets for increasing activity across the UK and the problems inactivity causes.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sports have set “unapologetically ambitious” targets to get more than one million more adults and 2.5 million more children to be physically active by 2030 as part of the Get Active initiative. AfPE mainly focussed its attention on children and young people, as over 50% of children and young people aren’t completing the recommended amount of activity.

The recommendations made by AfPE aim to make PE more accessible for all children. From tackling timetabling to making PE a core subject, all measures highlight the importance of supporting schools by creating comprehensive PE programmes.

First Step PE can support your school in creating a unique programme of activities to fit your needs. Whether you want to get ahead academically or provide enrichment to stimulate those muscles and minds, our PE managers can work with you to design a whole year’s worth of activity or just one term – depending on your needs.

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