World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day: Raise awareness with the First Step PE team

On May 3rd, we’ll be recognising the importance of raising awareness for asthma sufferers, their families, and the tireless research and medical support that goes on across the World for World Asthma Day.

Did you know that four people die of asthma in the UK every day? Though asthma tends to impact adolescent boys more acutely, it’s women who suffer through inadequate care as adults. For all of us, it’s about recognising how we can help alleviate the impact on our friends and family.

At FSSG HQ, we know the impact that asthma can have on all those who are part of our community. So, we want to support the GINA initiative this year and its efforts to help asthma sufferers worldwide. GINA, the Global Initiative for Asthma, has declared that its focus will be to finally close the gaps in care, diagnosis, and treatment.

In schools and workplaces, we can actively reduce the impact of asthma by reducing the pollution we create from our daily journeys. Consider swapping the commute in the car for a walk to work or school to reduce congestion and give everyone the gift of cleaner, fresher air. Not only will it get you on the move, reducing your chances of developing preventable diseases such as Diabetes II and heart disease. You can reduce your children’s exposure to harmful pollution that increases their chances of developing asthma.

Pollen is a constant source of worry for asthma sufferers engaging in outdoor sports. Whether it’s football or inflatables, pollen, dust, and dander can heighten the sensitivities in their airways which cause asthma attacks. Check out our tips and tricks for surviving hay fever season in the great outdoors!

As we look to the future, GINA will draw attention to the discrepancies in care, working to make them a thing of the past. These include providing equal access to diagnosis and medicine, better access to care for poorer and wealthy communities alike, and an increased bank of knowledge for non-asthma sufferers to help provide a basic level of confidence across the global community.

Join us and GINA in spreading awareness for World Asthma Day on May 3rd!

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