PE Celebration Events

Get into the swing of things with First Step PE Celebration Events!

We love bringing activity to the school communities we work with at First Step PE. That’s why we continue to innovate, creating packages of PE and activity that increase engagement in the communities we cater to. Our celebration days give activity a new lease of life with a whole host of activities built for pupils to get stuck into!

We work with you to produce custom-built celebration days based on an idea, popular event, or even a mode of activity. Trying to get kids excited about the World Cup? Let us build a celebration day that embraces every face of ball skills, with a variety of skills and game knowledge as well as learning the history of this amazing international sporting event. It is entirely up to you.

Have a date in mind? Our team will build the day for you, and make sure to celebrate your year 6 leavers in style! We’ll reward hard work and give them an end-of-term treat they deserve. No need for activities that have them milling around the classroom at the end of term. Instead, get them active, jumping, skipping, and running- testing all their mobility skills from lessons and beyond.

Over the years, we’ve developed a range of packages to suit different audiences. Introduce your form to a flash mob dance or take on a variety of ball sports in our Sports Challenges. Our experienced team will provide all the resources you need, driving positive engagement throughout the day.

From as little as £495, an entire form can participate in a day of activity with additional activities starting at just £75 extra. Add our bounce and ball inflatable pitches for a much-needed spring in their step. Take on Nerf Battles and put their hand-eye coordination to the test. And as the weather warms up our Water Fight add-on is there for the ultimate cool down.

First Step PE is a full-service sport and PE provider, so all our add-ons, include equipment. With no hidden costs, we can have nerf guns, water equipment, and inflatable pitches on site when you need them. Why not Challenge the Coach too? One of our most popular events, pupils can challenge themselves and the coach to excel.

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate sport and activity with First Step PE Celebration Days!

Contact the team to begin planning your day now.

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