Story-based PE

Encouraging impactful physical activity through Story-based PE

Offering good value, and flexible PE provision is at the heart of what we do at First Step PE. For all pupils, storytelling is a key part of their school experience, narratives allow pupils to better engage with their core subjects. Our provision builds on this foundation, using narrative as a springboard to create physically literate children.

Story-based PE is designed for pupils in EYFS and KS1. These adventures present emotions, colours, and directions as ideas and concepts they can express with their bodies. We take your usual classroom-based experience and modify it to strengthen their minds and their muscles!

One of the core benefits of active storytelling is using a child’s natural energy to introduce simple and complex objects and concepts to young children. From jumping like a Kangaroo to expressing emotions like anger and sadness through their body, Story-based PE can be an integral part of improving their literacy skills.

Statistically, active children experience a greater deal of calm and focus throughout the day. Children who were surveyed after physical activity sessions that encouraged engagement with their core subjects were more likely to show greater confidence in their skills than before the session.

In terms of wellbeing support, this particular provision can help pupils’ express emotions that they can’t express verbally. Taught by our professional and knowledgeable team, you will find a range of flexible options for bringing Story-based PE to your school.

Why not celebrate National Storytelling Week by introducing Story-based PE at your school? Contact our team for more information!

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