Anti-Bullying Week

Sign up for Anti-Bullying Week for this November

Anti-Bullying Week is coming up and First Step PE want to highlight just how important it is to ensure a safe environment for children at school. This year, from Monday 15th to Friday 19th November, awareness week will be taking place with the theme, One Kind Word.

First Step PE is committed to creating inclusive environments during PE lessons, whether it is our coaching sessions or ensuring we support teachers in our specially tailored CPD sessions. As pupils grow and develop, PE can pose some worries for children, that’s why our sessions are designed to engage children of all abilities.

The annual event started in 2002, and ever since its inception, organisers have worked to raise awareness for children and young people that have been bullied in school and elsewhere. As digital technologies have evolved, online bullying has increasingly become the mode of choice, the weeks’ events highlight ways of preventing and responding to bullying.

Bullying is not an isolated circumstance. It can impact a child’s wellbeing into their adulthood. Adults, for example, are far more likely to develop a range of mental issues, possibly even developing weight management issues. Research has shown that around 30% of children have been bullied in the last year alone, despite successive lockdowns, with 17% suffering online abuse.

On Monday 15th, Anti-Bullying week kicks off with Odd Socks Day. The day will celebrate everyone’s differences, with two odd socks! You can get involved along with schools around the country, by logging on to their website and ordering your Anti-Bullying Week info pack. The pack gives you comprehensive ideas on planning your week with lesson plans, films, and cross-curricular ideas for the whole school.

Look out for special guests CBeebies presenters, Andy, and the Odd Socks!

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