Quidditch Cup – Introducing our magical new quidditch enrichment!

At First Step PE, we’re always looking to expand our offering for our school partners. Whether you’re new or already an active school with us, we have something great for you this year. That’s why we’re offering you the opportunity to be on the ground floor of our new addition – Quidditch.

Quidditch is a great addition to any enrichment program, which despite lacking Hogwarts, brings its own magic to children’s fitness and skill.


How does it work?

Pupils who play Quidditch enrichment are sorted into teams during a special School of Magic sorting ceremony. Teams are often built from across friendship groups, classes and even key stage levels. You can get the entire school involved for maximum levels of engagement if it suits your schools’ goals.

As a full day of activity, pupils can win points for good behaviour in class and for winning quidditch games against their classmates. Each team works together to score goals through the hoops with each type of ball. Every team member gets a chance to throw, catch and block goals so by the end of the day, they’ve had a chance to work on each skill.


What should we bring?

Yourselves! We supply all kit and equipment, including team bibs, tag belts, hoops and balls. We offer a range of activities designed to improve their throwing and catching skills. Quidditch encourages different types of passes, such as bounce, chest or passing backwards and forwards. Shorter-form games allow them to practice aiming at goals, saving and deflecting them from goalposts.


Why add Quidditch to your Enrichment?

Well, why not?

Quidditch can be delivered to KS1 and KS2 and offers several different types of skills for children. Pupils who’ve experienced the game had a great time, citing communication with their teammates as a huge positive. The game helps to improve verbal and non-verbal communication styles that are useful for any sport.

Unfortunately, we don’t have flying broomsticks, but we do have everything else you’ll need to welcome Quidditch champions to your school.

Book enrichment Quidditch for your school today!

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