PE provision

Making the most of your PE provision with First Step PE

Need a new and innovative way to improve your PE coverage for 2021/22?

Lots of options but no clear path for meeting your goals for the next academic year?

Wondering how your school will square academic targets with physical literacy?


First Step PE has a wealth of experience meeting targets and expanding physical education in schools. Our sessions will improve participation across the school whilst covering all five indicators recommended for school improvement.

The Core Sports provision helps pupils explore a variety of different sports and skills, as well as develop their performance in areas such as agility and stamina. Other skills learned include communication, resilience, problem solving and leadership.

Traditional sports such as Football, Rugby and Netball expand hand-eye coordination and allow pupils to explore how to combine, throwing, catching, and kicking with focussed movement. Pupils can begin learning the rules of a variety of games whilst establishing an understanding for teamwork, healthy participation and competition that teaches them how to work with others constructively while utilising their own unique strengths.

The focus of our Curriculum Sports program is to give teachers and students an array of sports and performance-based activities to engage all pupils. Choose from Games, Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics & OAA, to name a few. These types of activities can help build core strength and flexibility whilst gaining confidence in both individual and team sports.

Ready to raise the profile of PE and sports across your school? We’re ready when you are.

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