Alderman Cogan

A fantastic year of teaching at Alderman Cogan’s Church of England Primary Academy

“Whenever we’ve needed to change the lessons last minute in the past, the staff have been really accommodating. They’ve not missed a single session and I’ve been impressed despite everything that’s happened in the past year”

Jane Hesp


The School

Alderman Cogan’s Church of England Primary Academy is a school with high ambitions and their talented staff aim to provide well-planned and well-organised lessons and activities across all subjects. The curriculums they provide incorporate a wide range of enrichment activities to keep all children engaged in their learning.

Alderman Cogan aims for pupils to be independent life-long learners, aspirational about their future lives. The school wanted to find ways to enhance physical activity, to promote healthier, happier, and more focussed children. Improving the PE department was key, however, other aspects such as ensuring 30 minutes of activity a day and offering after school clubs would also play a big part.


The Challenges

Alderman Cogan Academy initially used First Step Cycle’s ‘Go Scoot’ service, after noticing many of the children travelled to school with a scooter. Around this time, the school had acknowledged that they needed a new way of delivering PE. The department was currently being headed up by just one staff member, who needed to get back into the classroom. A few of the nearby schools were already making use of First Step PE and after being recommended a few times already, initial enquiries were made.


The Solution

The school is fortunate to have a big open field, a gym, and other spaces for activities such as a small dining hall. First Step PE have introduced a range of field activities like rounders, cricket, baseball & kick rounders during the summer months. In the winter, we switch to invasion games such as football, rugby, hockey, basketball, and netball.

The school is also keen to implement gymnastics and we are looking forward to the children being introduced to this in the new Autumn term. Although the curriculum has been mapped for the new academic year, the programme remains flexible and can be amended to suit the schools needs should there be any unforeseen circumstances.

The school has also benefited from after school clubs which has made a real difference to the social lives of the children. A pupil that had just joined the school commented on how it really helped him to develop some new friendships whilst he was still new to the year group. The staff at First Step are also able to work well with children who have additional needs, so the after-school club has been invaluable for keeping those children engaged and part of the fun activities.


The Results

The school commented that the delivery of the PE has been second to none all year round. The level of communication has been faultless and there hasn’t been any friction when the school needed to amend its timetable. First Step PE are ready to adapt to changes and provide additional services when curriculum requires it.

What’s more, the school are always looking ahead to any future ways they can work with First Step, including our cycle courses and further PE enrichment.

“The coaches that we’ve had in, both Leah and Graeme, have been absolutely brilliant. The children really enjoy working with them and have made a real impact in the level of engagement within the different years”

Jane Hesp

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