Summer of Sport

Summer of Sport is back and better than ever – Book your school day now!

  • Are you looking to get pupils at your school excited about sport?
  • Can you see connecting this years’ sporting events with their activity levels?
  • Do you need a solution to keep your students’ activity levels up during the summer?

It’s going to be an absolute festival of sport this year so what better way to bring the power of participation to your school, than with your very own celebration day, where your pupils are the star athletes!

We create a value-driven environment with our Summer of Sport events, committed to positive experiences that create a generation of young people with a healthy association towards competition and sport. They will get involved in a range of Olympics-based activities, matches, and ceremonies as well as a strong basis for understanding the history and responsibilities that come with their experiences.

You can choose from a Tokyo 2020 experience, for an understanding of the Olympics’ Grecian roots, or for the budding mini footballers an engagement in the famed “beautiful game”, we have the Euro 2020 experience. The events are fully customisable to your schools’ requirements, so you have the added benefit of a program of events that can include workshops and challenges throughout the day.


The package includes:

  • 2 extensively qualified coaches in sports as well as cheerleading and dance
  • A fully accessible range of activities for the outdoors
  • A specialist array of equipment and resources for use on the day
  • A fully customisable range of activities with sampling for the children through the day
  • …and Challenge the Coach for the daring!


For those looking for a little out-of-the-ordinary action, we have inflatable pitches, nerf battles and water fights as additional extras for your school.

Get in touch with the team and book your day today!

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